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WESCO FARMS began in 1999 with the purchase of three Miniature Horses that were suppose to take care of that horse fix until we had time for 'real horses'. Who knew?

This passion quickly grew and we named our operation after them - W-E-S-CO for Woody, Etoile, Silhouette, and COmpany as we knew, the we'd been bitten by the bug! 2019 Woody, 20, is a chronic founder horse, we're waiting for him to give us the 'sign' he's done, for now he's babysitting a couple of yearlng colts. Silhouette we lost in 2017 sadly. Her dam, ET (Etoile), is now 27. She still firts with the boys but is slowing down some. She spends her time with her buddy, our oldest, Maria (Tanglewood Farms Maria) at 33. Those two have known each other since ET was born, so fast friends.

Who We Are

Michelle is the everything, owner/slave to the Minis. And yes she actually does know all the horses names, pedigrees and how they're all related. A question that she gets asked by everyone that comes out here! She is the one responsible for this website and the one to blame for all the bad photo's! Seriously, blame her. She's a danger with a camera!

Scott is the all around ranch helper/horse whisperer! Besides, working with the Minis daily he does much of the cleaning, repairs and heavy lifting! And takes the horses for long walks in the orchard.

Anya is away at college, but helps out when she's home. Suffering through the farrier and vet visits and helping feed and groom as needed.

We also have and are owned by an assortment of cats, dogs, chickens and a small flock of peafowl.

The Horses

We've been involved breeding Minis since 1999 and thoroughly love the breed. It's been exciting watching the changed in Minis over time and how the breed continues to grow in popularity.

We've always concentrated on breeding from the top winning show lines that have stood the test of time. The consistency is there to produce correct Minis with sound minds, great movement, fabulous conformation and excellent dispositions.

Our current stallion line up features First Knights Wizard of Oz, Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar (L&D Scout son), WCR Top Cop (Lucky Four Andys Colorcard son), and Wesco Farms Buckerowdyroo (Buckeroo/Rowdy grandson). All are proven sires of quality foals. All are also ACAN tested so cannot sire dwarves with the known dwarf genes.

Our mares are selected with the same thought, many being home-bred from lines we've bred for the past 19 years. New additions must be held to the same criteria, and we're very please with our breeding herd. All are from winning proven showlines and are excellent examples of Miniature Horse broodmares.


Our breeding goals follow the established breed standards for AMHA and AMHR with our own personal criteria:

We've worked hard since 1999 to improve our herd. We do not show at this time, so are selective in chosing horses from proven breeding stock from National/World Champion bloodlines that exhibit the qualities we want to infuse into our breeding program. We are proud of our herd and the consistent high quality foals produced year after year.

sleeping foal

This is our business, BUT the welfare of our Minis is of the utmost concern to us. A perfect pet home for our Minis is better than a life being ill-treated, abused or moved from home to home! So we work with buyers to make sure they're getting exactly what they want. We feel this will more likely assure our Minis a lifetime home.

Having experienced the 'horse trader' types that are in every horse breed, we do offer our guarantee to our buyers and are there for our buyers before and after the sale.

Many of our Minis are 'lifers' here and our policy is to retire our older breeding stock with us or to locate a great retirement home where they are spoiled rotten.


Wesco Farms is located on 63 acres known as the historic Bigelow Hills, overlooking the town of Winters, in Northern California.

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Please call or email us ahead so we can set time aside for you!

Appointments available most weekend days or weekdays before noon.

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