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Updated 5/25/21

We still don't have our sales list up, (seriously in need of updated photos!!!), but life happens and timing has not been on our side.

We did have three of the stallions in with some of the mares, so will have some foals available in April 2022.

We are planning to keep the website updated and add new information as we can along with adding more phootos to the Reference Horses pages (that's taken on a life of its own!)

We had intended to add more video of the horses, and that's another work in progress. We post those on YouTube Channel as well as the individual's webpage.

If you need any information on a specific Mini or general questions, feel free to email us. We do have lots of info here on our site and will be happy to direct you to outside sources if we have them.

Please stay safe and healthy while following the guidance of your local and/or state leadership to see America through this crisis.

ACAN Dwarf testing is complete on our breeding herd. Only one mare (a purchase) is a carrier N/D1. We haven't started on the SA (Skeletal Atavism) testing yet but it's on the list.

Genetic testing is definitely going to be a consideration for us going forward when considering purchasing new Minis!

The usual splash page info...

We've been owned by Miniature Horses since 1999, and thoroughly love this breed.
Our goal is, and always will be, to breed outstanding Minis that have excellent conformation, intelligence, great movement and a bit of personality!

We do encourage those new to the breed to read - Before You Buy.

It will answer many questions regarding what is involved with having Miniature Horses. If you are looking to purchase a Miniature Horse, we generally have a selection for sale year-round from weanlings to mature breeding stock as well as show and driving prospects (any of which can be an ideal companion or pet!).

Specific questions or concerns about our site or if you need Miniature Horse information (whether ours or in general) feel free to drop us an email. We're always happy to talk Minis!

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