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2013 Miniature Horse Foals

Our goal in 2012 was a year off from breeding, so didn't "plan" any breedings.

In a typical Ringo-esque fashion, he literally jumped the fence May 25th, the night after he'd heard us discussing "not breeding"! He was found coming down in the morning with the mares for breakfast, in a very non chalant way!

As we watched for any potential "pregnancies" we were surprised to find the one mare he covered was his daughter Blessings!

Those two proved wrong the two roans theory and Blessings gave birth to Trinket (we were going to call her "Daddy's Little Trinket" but thought that might be going to far!!!). She has exceptionally nice proportions and looks like the big horses in Miniature. She also has one of the sweetest dispositions with people.

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