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Wesco Farms Sales List 2022

We do have the intention of reducing our herd numbers and having some of the horses for sale, but we don't have current photos (which buyers expect!), so haven't put together a sales list until we manage that task, which sadly has been a very very low priority.

If there is a specific horse you are interested in, please feel free to shoot us an email.

updated 07/14/22

We only show horses by advanced appointment weekend mornings. If you would like further information on our horses or Minis in general, feel free to Email us!

Our breeding program is focused on breeding excellence in conformation, soundness of mind, athleticism, attitude and movement whether it's breeding-stock, halter and/or performance prospects.

We do not breed "PET QUALITY" Miniatures and use only AMHA and/or AMHR registered Minis in our breeding program. But, we are THRILLED to have any of our Minis become beloved lifelong pets, companions or service animals!

NONE of our horses are trained to ride. We'd strongly suggest looking for a taller pony breed such as a Shetland for a child, as they can be ridden longer. All horses comfortably can carry 20% of their body weight. Which means Minis should only carry 50-65 lbs. including tack.

We also strongly believe in gelding - especially for the ideal all around horse as well as pet/companion. We will discount the purchase of any colt/stallion sold on a gelding contract.

Bottom line, we strive to match the horse to what YOU, the buyer, are looking to achieve with your Mini. We'd rather send you elsewhere to find that perfect horse, then sell you one just to sell you one!

So let's talk!

* * Click on the horse's photo and/or name to see their individual page * *
(more informatoin, pedigree and photos)


None available at this time.


None available at this time.

Special Needs Horses / Retirees / Pet or Companion Home ONLY

None available at this time.



PayPal accepted for purchases, deposits and payments!


One Year No Interest payment plans available for horses over $1,500 with a signed contract.

Board will apply for out of state sales.


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We reserve the right to a change the price, remove from our sales list or change availability without prior notification.
All information presented here is accurate to the best of our knowledge.