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Trailer Safety Kit

Some ideas for things to include in your trailer/ for your trailer

We had this happen cruising down the freeway. Fortunately in an unloaded trailer, close to an exit ramp and with good cell reception! (AAA came and saved the day as we couldn't budge the rusted bolts!) The spare wasn't that great either (not my trailer), and this could have been a very ugly accident if we'd have had horses on board.

  1. Charged cell phone, back up battery/charger
  2. Roadside Service membership - info written down and on your cell phone
  3. Physical Map (if hauling in remote areas with limited cell access)
  4. Two Flashlights and spare batteries (check they're fresh!)
  5. A few glow in the dark triangles or flares
  6. Jumper cables for the tow vehicle
  7. WD40 or black grease
  8. Locks for receiver and for trailer hitch (keys too!)
  9. Spare tire for trailer and tow vehicle - inflated!
  10. Chocks (four - two for each vehicle)
  11. Tire Iron
  12. Jacks for trailer / tow vehicle
  13. Quick links spare links for trailer chains
  14. A few bungie cords
  15. Roll of Duct Tape
  16. Bolt cutters that can cut thru your trailer chains
  17. Shears, scissors or knife that can cut thru leather/nylon
  18. What do you carry in your kit?

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