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The White Miniature Horse

The W Locus / KIT Gene

Research still continues on the White Horse and genetics involved. I know I'm not an authority by any means on equine genetics/coat color. I do find it fascinating though!

Years ago we had a family of 'white' horses here. Genetic testing wasn't available at the time, so these are here purely for interest. Most likely is extreme sabino or extreme overo (pinto patterns).

These are pics of Muffin (B Zs Snow Muffin = B ZS Prince Tapper x B ZS Nabila) and her daughters, Muffy, Kitten (and hopefully soon) Angel. Muffins dam, Nabila, is listed as solid white as well.

Muffin had another daughter, Angel (B ZS Elysium - B ZS Casanova x B ZS Snow Muffin) that was solid white as well. Angel had six foals that are registered solid white (I never saw them so ?). Still going through old hard drives for photos as buried somewhere are a hopefully of photos of Angel (2000-2001). Just finding them.

Top photo is Muffin and her daughter Muffy (Las Doradas Beach Bunny, sire Las Doradas Skyhawk)

Another daughter of Muffins, Kitten, Las Doradas Rowdys Snow Kitten. (Samis No Slack Banana Jack x BZS Snow Muffin). Kitten produced two foals a palomino colt and a black frame overo filly.

Muffy and her daughter Ruby. Muffy never had a solid white foal. Two pintos and a solid black while we had her here. Head on of Muffy.



Color testing can be performed through Animal Genetics, UC Davis, Veterinary Genetic Services and a few others. The price varies depending on the test. A full panel can run $100, individuals $25-40-60 depending on which color/coat pattern being tested. Tests use pulled mane or tail hair and take usually a few days to a week.

Color Coat Calculator at Animal Genetics Lab.

Horse Coat Color Table at UC Davis

Dominant White testing/info UC Davis

Dominant White information Center for Animal Genetics


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